We Buy Ugly Houses – Where Are the unattractive houses

We Buy Ugly Houses is a national real estate investment franchise established in 1998. HomeVestors of America, Incorporated is a nationally recognized real estate investing franchise. Its individually owned and operated franchises purchase homes in need of immediate repair from owners willing to sell quickly for a profit and houses that owners want to sell for more than normally possible through a local realtor. We Buy Ugly Houses targets people who have cash flow and are willing to invest in distressed properties. The company believes that these people generally know what they are doing and can save money by buying the distressed property themselves rather than hire a Realtor to sell the property.

The company buys the homes for resale from owners who are seeking quick sales in an already depressed housing market. In order to qualify for the purchase, the owner must arrange for all necessary repairs and maintenance prior to listing as for sale by owner. Once the property is ready to list with We Buy Ugly Houses, a qualified local franchisee will tour the home, make a list of any problems and come up with a fair closing offer. The franchisee will then present the seller with a counter offer, which the seller must accept or reject. Once the deal is finalized, We Buy Ugly Houses will finance the remaining repair and maintenance costs.

We Buy Ugly Houses purchases homes at market value, paying a lump sum cash to the owner for the full market value. The company then handles all repairs and home improvement projects. Once complete, the property is listed with an affiliate known as Commercial Realty who handles the marketing and leasing of the property. It is the franchisee’s responsibility to submit all necessary financing and permits to the local authority for sale and occupancy.

There are several reasons why someone might want to sell their home quickly. Perhaps they are getting ready to move and need the cash. Perhaps they have gotten word that a particular house is too ugly and needs some refreshing. Perhaps they are tired of living in a home they no longer enjoy.

One advantage to using We Buy Ugly Houses as your cash buyer is the immediate cash flow you will get on hand. Since you pay a lump sum cash to the owner, there will be no interest charges for pre-closing, and you won’t have to worry about making home improvements. This is a great opportunity for a first time home buyer who is willing to work closely with a skilled real estate agent to find houses that meet our affordable price standards. Your buyer’s agent can assist you with local information about homes in your area that fit your criteria.

Another advantage to using We Buy Ugly Houses as a cash offer provider is that your buyer will likely visit your offer from multiple buyers. This will increase your chances for more offers and thus more offers on different homes. This is an excellent way to develop your own real estate business as the ugly houses make great show stoppers at various events. Plus your buyer likes will want to come back to you again for beautiful homes.

We Buy Ugly Houses also makes it easy to find foreclosed homes that meet our reasonable home value requirements. In fact, our real estate agents do just that! They look through the listings to identify distressed properties with the potential to become good homes. Once you’ve found several properties, you can contact each property owner to negotiate a fair purchase price. When you make an offer, you can negotiate your buyout amount with each seller to ensure you receive all of your cash offer when you finalize your purchase.

In summary: We Buy Ugly Houses is ideal for a cash buyer or a home buyer who is selling their own home. We Sell Houses makes it easy to find foreclosed homes, most of which meet our reasonable home buyer requirements, making it a simple task for anyone who wants to find a good investment or who wants to buy pre-foreclosures. Real estate agents enjoy selling not only homes but also real estate vintages. Selling these real estate vintages helps real estate agents earn a good living. For more information on We Buy Ugly Houses, including homebuyer tips, register for a free ebook, “How to get rich listing houses by ugliness – no money down”, using the links below.

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