Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell Real Estate

HomeVestors of America, Incorporated is a nationally recognized, privately held real estate investment franchise. Its individually owned and operated franchises purchase houses in need of repair from owners who need to sell their homes more rapidly than can typically be accomplished through a local realtor. These houses are then offered for sale by the franchisor to customers at discounted prices. If the customer cannot sell the house within a designated time period, the franchisee will not move and does not pay the commission.

Franchisors must provide several services to meet the needs of any customer. In addition to selling houses at discounted prices, they must conduct all the needed repairs and renovations. This makes them very attractive to both new and old customers. A major benefit is that, even when the real estate investor does not receive cash in his pocket at the completion of the transaction, he will receive a portion of the ongoing monthly payments for the houses sold. The cash offer must be of an agreed upon amount in order to cover all expenses and to earn a profit.

Most real estate investors prefer using a no-obligation “flipper”. A qualified flipper will inspect the condition of the house, repair any issues, and list the house for sale. He then estimates the cash offer and places it in an escrow account. Once the agreed upon amount has been collected from the sale of the house, the cash offer is made to the homeowner. The flipper then repairs the home and sells it. The investor receives the cash payment for his investment from the escrow account.

Many investors prefer to use a cash buyer instead of a real estate flipper. A qualified flipper will inspect the condition of the property, fix any issues, and list the house for sale. Once the house has been sold, the flipper submits an offer to the seller. If the offer is not accepted, the investor makes an offer to the seller and the process continues until the property is purchased.

Cash buyers are preferred over real estate flippers because they are not tied to a certain time frame. This allows them to purchase houses at any point in time. They also have more flexibility and can purchase property without much advance notice. Because of their speed and flexibility, many investors prefer to use cash buyers over flippers. Other investors view flippers as an added risk that is not worth the potential profits.

Many investors work with We Buy Houses companies to purchase foreclosed homes. A We Buy Houses company buys the foreclosed homes at auction, fixes them up, cleans them, and re-listings them. We Buy Houses companies do not focus on houses that need to be fixed up or rehabbed. Instead, they specialize in purchasing homes that are in good livable condition and would be appropriate for resale. They have a warehouse full of houses ready for sale to individuals looking for a home.

Selling real estate is no small task. It takes many hours of preparation before you can even begin selling. For this reason, many investors find it easier to work with We Buy Ugly Houses companies to buy ugly houses and sell them to investors. The We Buy Ugly Houses company will pick up the house at the foreclosure auction, fix it up, and then market the house. Since the house has already gone through the long process of foreclosure, many investors are interested in buying homes like these for a quick profit.

In summary, We Buy Ugly Houses makes it easy for any real estate investor to get rich by purchasing foreclosed homes in bad, or ugly, condition. Investors can purchase these properties from a local real estate agent or through We Buy Ugly Houses. When purchased from a real estate agent, it will take the investor less time and effort to resell. When purchased from We Buy Ugly Houses, you do not have to pay out cash to purchase the property. In the end, you will make a nice profit selling your property to investors interested in buying houses in bad, or ugly, condition.

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